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miércoles, octubre 31, 2007

Happy Halloween everyone!!
Feliz Halloween a todos!!

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martes, octubre 23, 2007

Cats on Tuesday
Looking for a fly
Buscando la mosca
one minute...
un minuto...

four minutes ... cuatro minutos....
six minutes... Seis minutos...

ten minutes.... Diez minutos...
and the fly is up there!!
Luna´s Mom:Patience Luna! To be contiued....
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  • Gattina
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    martes, octubre 16, 2007

    Cats on Tuesday

    She is my neighbor of the third floor
    Mi vecina del tercer piso
    She knows that I am looking at it.
    Sabe que la estoy mirando.
    She also looks at me from the high thing.
    Ella tambien me mira desde lo alto.
    We watch over ourselves without saying anything.

    Nos vigilamos sin decir nada.

    I don't know their name, only listen mom to say that they are mother and son, but I don't still see their son!!!

    Yo no sé su nombre solo escuche a mamá decir que son madre e hijo,pero aún no veo a su hijo!!
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  • Gattina
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    domingo, octubre 14, 2007


  • Anita Gatorrista
  • por amar mi blog y darme este lindo galardon.

    Si usted ama mi blog hagameló saber tambien.

    Thank you Anita to love my blog and to give me this pretty reward. If you love my blog makes it to me to also know.

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    Thank you again
  • Anita
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    martes, octubre 09, 2007

    Cats on Tuesday

    Do you see me? I am camouflaged!

    Me ves ? Estoy camuflada!

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  • Gattinamycats
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    miércoles, octubre 03, 2007


    I was tagged by
  • Adan-Michico Taiwan
  • with this meme. The idea is to show what your computer's desktop/wallpaper looks like.I always put Luna´s photo.
    La idea de este meme es mostrar tu fondo de escritorio que te guste e invitar a 5 amigos más.

    I will tagged :
  • Gattina Belgica
  • Daisy FL USA
  • Dragon Heart Alemania

  • Cucarañas Perú
  • Anita Spain

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    martes, octubre 02, 2007

    Cats on Tuesday

    Dad´s closet
    El armario de papí
    Looking for....

    Buscando un...

    a place to sleep....ZzzzZZ

    lugar para dormir....ZzZz

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