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viernes, mayo 26, 2006

Temporada de flores!!!
Season of flowers! =^^=


Blogger Fiona Bun said...


6:05 p. m.  
Anonymous かっぱ said...


I am very mysterious, and the first piece, the second piece, the third piece photograph are fantastic from the top

Is it here, where?

It is a very wonderful park

As for tried to go, there being it

11:08 p. m.  
Blogger Derby said...

You have very purrty flowers. The many colored roses (2nd picture) mum likes the best. But she likes all sorts of flowers and spends lots of time planting and looking after them.

1:20 p. m.  
Blogger bianca said...

Que bonitas fotografías !! Que lugares son?? Un beso luna.

1:59 p. m.  
Anonymous かっぱ said...

Good morning

Thank you for showing a place of a park

I understood it

It is here

There is a festival, too

I throb

2:07 p. m.  
Anonymous かっぱ said...

I appear again

I studied a little

I tried to go to a village of BESALU'

I want to try to go in Sant 「Miguel de la Roqueta」 of RIPOLL, 「La Casa Bonada」

2:26 p. m.  
Anonymous かっぱ said...

It is an answer of a question

I live in Shimonoseki-shi of Japanese Yamaguchi

I think that I am around 10 years old older than Luna. Probably it is wwww

It is a man since it was born

I live in this town

3:05 p. m.  
Anonymous かっぱ said...

This one is easier to read

3:07 p. m.  
Blogger •·._.·Gothï¢kMårå·._.• said...

preciosas fotos ^^ eres de blane sno?? yo tmb!!!!!!! pasate por mi blog! y hablamos si kieres ^^
tienes msn? ^^ contesta plishhh jeje


2:19 a. m.  
Blogger •·._.·Gothï¢kMårå·._.• said...

si, si k soy nueva XD hoy mismo ajja... si solo era un pesadilla ^^ xdona pero tiene email o msn? es para hablar y tal ^^ s k e sun gran coincidencia!

4:37 a. m.  
Blogger Polly Harvey said...

Tus fotos de gatitos estan muy buenas.

A mi me gustan muchos los gatos.


9:09 p. m.  
Blogger Coti said...

hermosas las fotos..
que bella es esa epoca..

un abrazotote


10:41 a. m.  
Blogger MaPeV said...

Que bonitas fotos!! Oye Lunita ese es tu castillo ?? Cuando me invitas a conocerlo?

Saluditos con Flores

1:27 p. m.  
Blogger iovai said...

Están espectaculares las fotos, donde hacen eso? y tienen un significado en especial?

Sorry por no venir antes pero el tiempo es escaso.


7:16 a. m.  

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